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Independent RP-Blog for Older!Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist. Younger!Rin upon request.

Rin Okumura. 18. December 27th. Currently attending True Cross Academy. Training to become Paladin.

Rank: Upper 2nd Class Knight & Tamer
M!A: None

Status: Single
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A new season of Ao no Exorcist(Blue Exorcist) ?!!!
Totally count me in!

This time, we’ll be seeing the demon brothers (Mephistopheles, Okumura Rin, Okumura Yukio) in action once again! 

Holy shizz, they’re gonna be back!




OOC: I like how you can pretty much guess that they hate each other’s guts just by the way they’re sitting.

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I demand a Blue Exorcist Remake where they actually follow the manga



Even though he felt like the hero for finding the demon—something didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem gratifying as it should. Why? Because Amaimon was still indifferent. Just back a few years the king would atleast go a little ga-ga over his precious demon.

Rin was at a loss. He didn’t know how to make the king smile or laugh. Damn, even Samael was easier to amuse. He rolled his shoulders—cracking them loudly. Tilting his head to the side and groaned. 


"How would you feel if we threw down again in Mephyland—like when I first met you. Would that make you happy?"

  Eyes widened a little at the hellion. Tilting his head,
       he stared down at his demon. Petting the top of his 
       head, he shoved the demon in his face, letting the demon
       lick at the others face. This he found humors. Even when
       he did so with Samael. This caused a short snicker to 
       escape his throat, pulling the demon back.

  Eyes lit up a bit. He chuckled quietly, shaking his head.

                           ” Perhaps another time. I am happy.



Oh for the love of Satan. He felt the slimy, warm slobber hit his face. A shiver traveled the length of his spine, he closed his eyes, making a disapproving hellion noises. He was not sure what was more painful the slobbery kiss from the behemoth or when he got his ass handed to him by Amaimon for the first time. After absorbing what had just happened he noted he should appreciate this. For the behemoth could have very well bitten his face instead of a simple lick. Besides it made Amaimon happy as well. Good. Going into a pocket inside of his jacket he pulled out a handkerchief. 14th century England called, Rin. They want their hankie back. A nerd at his finest—the halfbreed wiped his face with the true cross embroidered cloth. Feeling just bit cleaner he smiled as he gave the small demon a quick rub. 

"Alright then." A snicker soon escaped. "I am sorry I couldn’t tell. Your face kinda stays the same you know. You ‘ought to come with instructions since you are so hard for me to read."




"I zam nawt mocking you~! Aww, doctor man. You are lying~! Is that a crab in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" wetotesgothere.andifmephistodoesntwanttheRinD.hetoteswantstheally.

"Zhat accent does not even make sense!" He actually had to look down. There wasn’t anything in his pockets. "Zhe hell are you talking about?"


hetotallyknowsaboutyourflingwithyourcrabman. “ZHAT IS BEST AXE-CENT. ” mephyandallysittinginatree.