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Rin Okumura. 18. December 27th. Currently attending True Cross Academy. Training to become Paladin.

Rank: Upper 2nd Class Knight & Tamer
M!A: None

Status: Taken
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"Oh my god. Are you okay?"




Mephisto looked up from what he was doing with a heavy sigh. He knew he must look frightful, his hair messy and his clothes askew. While normally he would never leave his bedroom in such a state, this was different. He had been running behind on work for quite some time, and admittedly, neglected some of his duties to distract himself with Rin.

It didn’t matter how tired and awful he felt, he needed to get this done. He’d wasted enough time already.


He shook his head, which made it spin painfully, and grunted, “I’m fine, just a bit drained. You have school, Rin. I have work. There’s breakfast waiting for you.” It likely wasn’t the answer the boy was looking for, but it would do. 

To Rin the soup smelled delicious. He took great care into making the meal. Clearly the smell alone would make anyone’s mouth water. But it would appear that when the smell hit the demon’s nostrils a look of disgust hit is features. When he was asked what the food consisted of he could help but flash back for a second. Rin had asked the very same question once when Mephisto presented him food out of the blue. Perhaps he thought that the hellion was going to act on some revenge. No, he wouldn’t dare. Though some might consider it an opportunity missed.

"Chicken noodle soup. Humans are all about that when they are sick." A small smile formed. "It is mostly a bland broth with small slivers of chicken. Miasma and poison free I am afraid." With this he seemed to ease up some. "I won’t make you eat the whole thing right now." Saying with a sigh. "But at least try it periodically. I certainly wouldn’t want to play a hand in the headmaster starving or being sick if I can help it."

Still despite the hellion’s seemingly understanding ways he could still sense something was wrong. He knew full well demons could contract human viruses. If he was sick this was nothing human. But clearly of demon origin. The look in his cobalt eyes begged Mephisto to tell him the complete truth. Something was a miss here. But Rin was too proud to ask again. Reaching in his coat pocket he pulled out the latest Kamisama Kiss manga. “If you are going to stay in your office for a while..” He trailed off as he took a seat on the small couch by the entrance of the room. “You should let me catch up with my reading. Of course, assuming you have nothing else to do.”

Passing a concerned glance to Rin, Mephisto took the bowl into his shaky hands. Normally the food would be appetizing no matter what it was, since Rin had made it. But… The thought of taking even a single sip of broth sent bile rising in his throat, and he doubted he’d be able to keep anything down for long. But Rin had gone out of his way to make something special for him. That thought made Mephisto’s chest ache. It disgusted him to admit it, but he’d actually feel bad if he did not at least take one sip. The thought of not doing so disgusted him even more.

He had barely registered Rin’s words when he made up his mind, and brought a spoonful to his lips. Hesitantly, he brought the warm liquid into his mouth, taking in the flavor. It was… Good, just as he expected it to be. He hadn’t had a single doubt about it’s taste. Rin was an excellent chef after all. No… As he swallowed, his real concern made itself known once more. He wasn’t sure how much he’d be able to stomach. He took two more sips before his stomach seemed to flip inside out, and he was forced to set down the bowl. Swallowing heavily to force his meager meal to stay down, he looked apologetically at Rin. “It’s good.” He didn’t say anything more, nodding at Rin to continue with whatever it was he was doing.

Several minutes later, Mephisto was attempting(and failing) to do paperwork once more. The ticking of the clock wore heavily at his head, and soon he began to dread each passing second and the accompanying sharp sound it brought. It throbbed deep into his head, his limbs, his stomach… Everything ached. The longer he allowed the clock to tick on, the more he regretted eating anything at all. The pain in his head was making his nausea worse, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he’d last. Glancing up at Rin, he groaned. Perhaps the half-demon had been right after all. He really did need rest.


"Rin… I wish to finish for the day. I shall try and continue tomorrow."

Cobalt hues studied the king from his seat. Watching as about three sips of soup were taken before Mephisto seemed to paled. Rin inhaled and exhaled slowly resuming his manga readings. Though he knew very well the sickness was not his fault guilt still itched at him. Burrowing himself into his readings even more as an almost awkward silence filled the room. For a few minutes Rin lost himself in the shojo storyline. Until he heard the king groan. Something which made him jump. Once he gather himself he put the book back into his chest pocket. Without any more hesitation or word he made his way to the other side of the room and to the desk. A strong, protected arm hoisted and guided Mephisto to his feet. In that split second a loving urge to peck the sicken demon’s cheek hit. ‘Where did that even come from?’ Shaking his head, dismissing the urge, he continued to make his way with the other to the door. Fishing into his pocket with his free hand, a ring of keys emerged. Picking a key that looked barely used, he placed the the key within the door, opening the door to reveal Mephisto’s home office. 

Adjacent to the office was yet another door. Without keys this time he open the next door with the demon still in his arms. The door lead to a bedroom. That pink-polka dotted otaku bedroom with by far the most comfortable bed that even the half demon’s money couldn’t buy—because he tried. It seemed as though Mephisto was dragging a bit in his movement. With a soft smile and a caring voice he sounded. “Almost there.” Walking the sickened to the side of the bed, he cast the comforter away, actually scooping the other up. For being such a tall man the king was light in weight—at least to Rin anyway. Placing Mephisto on his back he covered him with the once casted cover. With the back of his own hand he carefully place it upon the feverish forehead. ‘Damn…’ Retreating to the near by bathroom he returned with a damp cloth, placing upon Mephisto. Demon sickness was totally different from human sickness. That was not to say he had never treated a demon—but Mephisto was different. He was not a stray goblin—he was a demon king. There were other components to consider. The last thing Rin needed was to hurt Mephisto more—this would do anything short of destroy him. His younger brother—the doctor—suddenly came to mind. Yukio had developed medicine for Rin about two years ago when human painkillers were no longer enough for his half demon frame. 

"Mephisto—I.." Speech appeared difficult for him for the moment. "Yukio made me these." His hand slipped into yet another coat pocket to pull out a small tin. "He developed the idea for them about two years ago and then revamped them while I was recovering from aftermath of defeating Satan. They knock me out whenever I take just one. Maybe—for you—two—they will at least take the edge off? Did you want to try them? Or did you want to just tough this out?" Rin didn’t like to see the headmaster in such discomfort. He wanted the sickness to be fixed as soon as possible. He would do anything to see it fixed. "Just tell me what to do."


I recently saw httyd2 again, and I still adore everything about the movie…I couldn’t resist doing a little doodle.

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waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain


Rin Appreciation Week:

Day 1: Time

Headcanon: Rin visits Shiro’s grave after defeating Satan.


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